An app with all relevant information about films and TV programs


Client’s aim was to build an online database that includes information related to films and TV programs. Also, the app should serve as a social network so that users could easily interact with each other, share views and reviews about the movies and TV programs and earn rewards.


The biggest challenge was to organize such a huge database with user-friendly layout and uninterrupted functionality. There are around half million movies and TV shows; to keep reviews, ratings and related information about every movie and program along with user communication management wasn’t an easy task. It is not only a database but a social networking app too where private and public communication can be shared to the organization in a very systematic manner.


The team started with the simplest technique (Xamarin) to create AMMIT, an incredible application that provides detailed information about the movies and Television programs, also it serves as a medium to connect with other people and share personal views and reviews related to the movie or program and earn a reward at the end. Creating such an app with unique features was both frightening and inducing task. Technical minds at Appsnado have determined an incredible solution that meets client’s vision. In order to make things easier for users, technical minds at Appsnado created user-friendly layout. This one app acts as both database and social networking, keeping this in mind every feature was aligned and integrated. C# was used to list the app’s features and generate a layout for the page.


A tab-based design was implemented to avoid the need for new inner pages. A search bar was added on the main page of the application so that the user to could easily browse through genre categories. The team designed large buttons and taken the user’s thumb into consideration to simply application usability. Using agile methodology, the team designed and effectively implemented media services also published the application on cross media platform.


After all the hard work, we successfully built an application matching the vision of the client. The application included all the required features and decencies demanded by the client. So far the application is doing well and has achieved a huge crowd of users.

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