Clients’ aim was to launch an app that changes the way artists connect with their fans and how fans discover new music/artists. The overall mission is to change the way people stream and enjoy music.


There are a number of music/video streaming apps available on both iOS and Android platform. However, very few application provide artists the opportunity to connect with their fans. Witnessing current scenario, a client approached Appsnado to create a platform where people enjoy music and connect with each other. Challenging part was that this app was for underground artists to get the fame and fan following, therefore it was important to create their profile in a much attractive and interesting way to get more and more fans. To provide them with enough control over their fans was a challenging part too.


Working collaboratively with the client and his team, Appsnado started by defining the goals of the app and creating a wishlist of functionality. In order to plot strategy, the team at Appsnado benchmarked best available apps. Together, it was decided that the app shouldn’t only enable artists to connect with the fans but celebrate emerging artists. Other than providing a description of the artists, this app provides users the opportunity to view the artist’s performance, schedule and connect with him/her directly.

One of the key features of this app is scheduling. Users can save artists’ performance on their “favorites” menu. Users can easily create their own playlist and share it with their friends and on social media. The feature to comment, like and share enable users to appreciate performances of upcoming artists. The team at Appsnado defined the requirements and designated a team to deliver work within the given timeframe and cost. The scope was to deliver an iOS app. Hybrid Agile Model along with PhoneGap was used to execute the project.


Appsnado launched an app that helps users to stream new music and lists their favorite songs. The communication feature of the app enables artists to effectively connect with their followers. This app is connected to social media so that users could share their stories and playlists.


This app created a new channel for artists to publish their music and engage with fans. Evoke is proving to be a valuable tool for users, Appsnado ensures consistent functionality as its user base grows. Together with the client’s support and our skills and cutting edge technology, we were able to deliver the project on time.

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