Why Outsource in Pakistan?

If you are a digital marketing agency owner or the head of business, you know exactly what it takes to acquire one account and to deliver optimum level services while keeping long term relationship. Reducing costs and the ability to focus on core business goals is the need of every organization. As you already know that the digital marketing industry is growing at an exponential rate due to rapid growth and there are three core challenges that your agency is facing.

Why Pakistan?

Pakistan is a land of opportunity with a skilled labor force, decreased cost of doing business, favorable business law and tax incentives. In addition to the country’s geo-political importance, there is strong emphasis on technology education and training amongst the youth. Pakistan was recently rated much higher in terms of IP laws compared to others. More importantly, it is a country with high productivity, strong work ethic and the best performing stock market.

Pakistan’s software market has seen steady growth for the past several years. According to the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), the total size of the software sector is approx. $6.5 billion, which is expected to grow at least 4 percent in coming years.

Pakistan’s market for computer software has seen steady growth for the past several years. According to the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), the total size of the software sector is approximately $6.5 billion, which is expected to grow at least 4 percent.

Pakistan has a big number of IT graduates coming out every year, who are highly educated and trained from top international universities and organizations.

Increasingly skilled labor, easy access to technology and business infrastructures has helped Pakistan to produce Software, Web, Apps and other Digital marketing services on comparatively lower prices.


Outsourcing Process

As a leading offshore outsourcing company we follow a few important steps to ensure cost effective and timely delivery of projects.


At this stage, all the completed work will be delivered to you.



On initial concept approval, you will be required to make payment through your preferred mode.






Requirement Gathering

We will gather required project information through an online brief form filled by you.


Get Estimates

After reviewing your requirements, one of our sales person will give you an estimated timeline and cost of your project.


Initial Delivery

On estimation approval, our team will start working and deliver required files on first milestone completion.


Outsourcing Plans

As Pakistan’s leading offshore outsourcing services, we have made three plans for Outsourcing that will definitely meet your needs. You can select that matches your needs and get premium quality services in low prices.

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Full Service Outsourcing

Retain more revenue and free up your staff to take on other duties by simply and easily outsourcing your complete production to your offshore partner Technado.

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Selected Services Outsourcing

In this plan you can keep your best production areas and outsource the rest of the services to us. Using this approach you can maintain your specialization in a particular segment while outsource the rest to us for improved productivity and reduced work cycles.

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JIT Outsourcing

With Just in Time (JIT) approach you can easily outsource your work when required. You can even delegate a portion of the project rather than outsourcing it completely.


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