The Fastest-Growing Freelance Markets in the World: Pakistan on Number 4

Freelancing is emerging as an alternative for the traditional 9 to 5 job route. Although it has been around for quite some time, only in recent years has it become a viable career in Pakistan. The main business involves directly associating with clients who need certain skills or working as an independent contractor for big companies. The establishment of a freelancer in their relevant market depends entirely on networking and promotion. The idea is to sell yourself and your services to a possible consumer. With clientele, your tactic should be to persuade them that you are the best fit for their project due to your capabilities.

Why Freelance?

The reason why many young people in Pakistan are choosing to go into freelance work is because they have the liberty to do what they like. They have no fixed hours, they get to choose their own projects and develop their skills as they please and plus, they get paid based on the amount and dexterity of the work done. This varies greatly from a normal office job with fixed timings and quotas. Freelancing is a great way to build careers and make a livable income.

The Different Kinds of Freelance Work

There are a number types of freelance work that Pakistanis are engaging in. IT professionals can work in software development, graphic designers can deal in web design services, strategists can work on SEO for businesses and technical writers can compose academic papers for good wages. Besides this, freelancing can involve teaching and coaching on a person’s own terms.

Freelancing in Pakistan

A report in 2014 report by IDG showed that 40 percent of Pakistanis are self-employed. Since freelancing comes under this broad category, this comprised of temporary and seasonal workers, as well as independent contractors and part-timers. It even included people who have more than one full time job.

Since Pakistan is one of the youngest countries in the world, only 4% of the population is over the age of 65 years. 64% of the total population is less than 30 years of age while 29% of Pakistanis are 15 to 29 years old. Due to a lack of prospects, this youthful population became an affliction on the country’s economy. Today, the optimistic aspect of this youth is found in freelancing work. As of 2019, Pakistan has become fourth fastest-growing freelance market in the world.

Local Initiatives and Support

There is great backing behind Pakistan accomplishing this feat. Since the country takes its place as one of the leading freelance markets in the world, there must be acclaim given to local bodies. It is because of programs like e-Rozgar freelancing and YASAT that over 9,000 unemployed graduates are now earning nearly 100 million rupees through freelancing. These programs have made sure that that Pakistan gets to the top and becomes Asia’s biggest growing market for remote work.

The Future of Freelancing

There has been a 42% increase in Pakistani freelancers since 2018, while the profit growth is 47% more than the previous year. According to a report, a more advanced method of teaching has helped Pakistani youth to contribute fully in the gig economy.

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